GlitchCon was a lot of fun. I was on several panels. Jeopardy, Collaboration, Retro Rewind Radio, Mad Libs, and I helped Dyann Love Barr run the Story in a Bag contest. I got to sit in the dealers room and meet a lot of the attendees, chatting with them as they pass by. People are full of stories and they rarely, if ever, truly see it. I’ve always loved setting up at fairs or other events.

It was the same here as an author. Talking to people about the imaginary adventures and characters I come up with, but also hearing the real life struggles one person has with cancer or the person who has the strength to overcome an attack the way Karen Nelson is overcoming her attack. I learned of her plight through a fellow guest author. She is the cousin of a fellow author’s publisher. The poor woman was assaulted and seriously injured. It’s awesome to see how fandom has pulled together to help her. I know they will make the requested amount they need for her bills.

I had a great time working with Dyann Love Barr on the Story in a Bag contest. The winners will be published in anthology by Prose Press. Such an awesome opportunity. GlitchCon is a very strong Anime con with gaming. They are developing the writers track. While there weren’t a lot of readers and writers t the con, the energy is amazingly high and the community is warm, open, and welcoming. I truly enjoyed myself at the con.

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