I am a Halo fan. I enjoy the complex and interesting universe Bungie created and various authors have brought to life in novels and in movies. When Bungie sold Halo to Microsoft, I was concerned they would destroy the awesome world developed by Bungie.

Their first release was acceptable, but now.. Master Chief is dead. I think we all gave a collective WTF? Halo isn’t Halo without the Master Chief. Come on, they don’t show his face specifically to allow the players deeper immersion in the game.

But then, I saw the new Halo commercial the other day where Master Chief isn’t dead. In fact, it’s much much worse. He isn’t “responding to orders.” The new story arc is bringing the Master Chief in. Or so it appears.

Given that I write about a character who is technologically enhanced, (Aethan Ghais) I rather enjoy the Halo universe a great deal. The way various authors write about the SPARTAN program fascinates me. Eric Nylund does a phenomenal job with the foundation books of the series. I would love to see him let loose and really write more about Cortana. It had to be difficult for him to not go deeper in the character. (Read his book “Signal to Noise” to see what I mean.)

With this new story arc, I am turned off of Halo 5: Guardians. The only thing that teases me to the story is the animated movie of “Fall of Reach”. Unfortunately, it looks like the time spent on the character facial expressions is akin to Polar Expressionless (Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the movie Polar Express, but the animators needed to get themselves some mirrors in their cubicles.) Since the gamer in our household is switching back to Playstation, it is highly unlikely I will ever obtain a copy of the “Fall of Reach” movie.

Anyway, I digress. A lot. I hate taking a character such as the Master Chief and turning him into an anti-hero. Even if the plot turns out to be a sanctioned mission where we are led to believe he has turned into an enemy, the way they introduced it is horrible. That’s assuming it’s a sanctioned mission. If they truly have him going off on his own, I feel Microsoft has made a grave and gross miscalculation of the character of John-117. Especially the mindset set forth in “The Fall of Reach”.

It saddens me to think I was probably right, Microsoft is killing Halo. Not necessarily in terms of the game. It will, no doubt, be an outstanding first person shooter game. It is Microsoft after all. I just wish they cared as much about the overall universe as the fans do.

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