Well, not really in the wild. Posted by a friend of mine to his blog “Malcolm’s Big Read.”

Malcolm gave an excellent review and a solid rating. He was gracious and sent me an email shortly after the book went up. It was an awesome, frank, spot-on commentary about it. I am super-excited about his review.

It’s always exciting when someone reads your work for the first time and they understand it. When you are writing and you give your work to others to review, you can give it ten people and receive fifteen different views on the piece. At this point I know when I will accept a critique and when I should let it go, but it can leave an author on the edge and uncertain about whether or not the various arcs and themes come out. You go through the whole process and wonder is it fast-paced enough, is it clear enough, is it good enough. It’s not perfect. I know that. But it is nice to know someone who had no prior information about the story was able to pick up precisely what I was trying to put across.

My next book is already coming together easier than this first one did. Well, this is the first published work. I have another novel I started many years ago. I have a lot of editing to do before I can release it. But it will be released in the next couple of years.

Many thanks to Malcolm for the review. It can be found on his blog here.



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